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Your Vigorous Commercial Debt Collections Team

With our extensive network and vigorous team of experts, we proudly stand with the highest debt recovery success rate in the industry and look forward to serve you!

1. No results no fee
2. Immediate payment remit
3. Collections Portal Access 
4. Client Forward
5. Out of the box thinking and technology
6. SOS licensed, bonded and insured


On Time Service

Time is a major concern at Ryan & Jacobs because we understand the urgency when it comes to your cashflow. Statistically speaking, the longer you wait to place your outstanding account, the collectability percentage decreases. 30 days past your net terms is ideally the time to escalate the matter to collections.   


A Team Of Professionals

Our team of skilled and experienced debt collectors work deliberately, attentively, and rationally to solve all cases. Excelling in both rapt virtual contact techniques and face-to-face meetings. All collection activity is conducted with a diplomatic approach. 


Analyze Your Business

Ryan & Jacob's understanding of all industry standards helps in providing positive solutions to your aging accounts in the red. All our operations are backed by well-researched, in-depth, legal, collections and financial knowledge. Your bottom line is our priority.

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Is your customer in the “Red”?

90 days past due or more? If any of the following applies to your commercial debt issue, it is time to hand over the matter to Ryan & Jacobs. We help you recognize if your invoice is not going to get paid with these guidelines:

  • They are requesting for more time to pay the debt

  • They have broken a series of promises

  • They tell you they have already sent the payment

  • They are unable to pay you until their customer pays

  • They are avoiding your calls and emails

  • They tell you that your service or product was insufficient

  • Going out of business

  • Filing BK

Ryan & Jacobs Specializes In Oil & Gas, Transport and Construction Commercial Debt Collections 

Our fee frame is built on a contingency basis. To put it simply, no collection results means you do not pay us. This business practice produces a strong sense of urgency to collect what is rightfully yours, and remit the funds to you immediately. 

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Commercial Debt Recovery

Our practices are best described as faith-based commercial debt collection. This means that we uphold the highest degree of morality and integrity under all circumstances. We are business to business transactions only, and understand the importance of preserving the relationship. Our approach is diplomatic and professional.  

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AR Management

Why should your business scalability and growth suffer due to bad debts? We assist you or your team for efficient Accounts Receivable management. We will save you time and gain you money.



In debt collection, always remember, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to consult trusted debt collectors like Ryan & Jacobs, the further away your money runs. Even though our seasoned collectors have proved viable and resilient in recovering even older debts, the sooner you consult our experts, the success rate is higher—no need to suffer from unnecessary debts any longer.

Don’t wait any longer and call us or chat with us now for a free consultation and customized quote.


Important To Know

Ryan & Jacobs is a respectable name in the B2B commercial debt collection industry, and we take great pride in our steadfast practices. We are a fully functional, client-oriented commercial debt collections agency working in the best interest of our clients with a mission to eradicate scam services going around in the industry by executing the highest level of integrity that our clients deserve. Our team of skilled professionals untiringly commit to achieving unmatched results every time, resulting in outstanding collection percentages.
Moreover, we are always updated and in the now with a fast-changing business environment. We keep up with these business trends so we can continuously analyze and revise our operations for betterment. Our core value at Ryan & Jacobs is a faith-based business model, where we put transparency, customer service, communications, and professionalism is first and foremost. Redefining the commercial debt collection norm with strategies that result in significantly better Recovered A/R Cash-Flow.

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Dollar Notes

Our Assurance

100% Immediate Remittance

100% Transparency

100% Communication

85% Success Rate



The biggest reason behind the name and respect we have earned so far is our fully transparent operational practices, our clients trust us completely, and this trust fuels our passion for going above and beyond. Accompanied by our outside of the box thinking and cutting-edge technology, these qualities put us above your average debt collection agency. We don’t only focus on the urgency to collect the debts owed to you, but there’s also an equal amount of emphasis on the urgency to pay you as soon as we collect.

Client payments are immediately remitted when the check clears. We make our process completely transparent by providing you a login portal where you can review real-time updates on your accounts. We also come equipped with a network of highly proficient attorneys with a deep understanding of commercial debt recovery. They assist us in executing ethical and entirely legal techniques of debt collections, like litigation. We are fully compliant with federal regulations, registered with the SOS, bonded, and insured.



“This company is amazing. We were having issues with some past due accounts, Ryan and Jacobs came in and got straight to work. They are resilient and definitely work for their clients. We have had other companies try but we never saw results. Now we receive updates and a quick turn around time, our questions are always answered and they are so respectful. We would definitely recommend them.”


We have been in business for 9 years in the Midland-Odessa area, the oil business is very volatile as everyone knows, sometimes companies go through rough phases and it's hard to get paid in time. Ryan and Jacobs helped us get our money fast! Their professional service and expertise gave us the confidence needed to hire a collection company, we 100% recommend their services. Thanks Liz and Hall for getting our money back, we look forward on doing more business with you guys!


“Ryan & Jacobs collected two of our biggest problem accounts in a matter of days. I was blown away! We were updated well because we had a system login where we could view the status. We have used agencies before and it was a completely different experience. We got our money two days after our debtors paid the accounts off. Customer service is also impeccable. I was told what the process was upfront. Thank you to the team at Ryan & Jacobs.”


Dollar Notes

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

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