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The initial contact of our process is initiated via phone and email, which is followed by a demand letter. In our first demand letter, we inform the debtor that Ryan & Jacobs is acting on your behalf. We advise the debtor to clear the debt that they owe you voluntarily and immediately.

In all our communications with debtors, we remain professional but extremely persistent. Our specific problem-solving and communication skills enable us to craft letters and communicate with the debtors to acquire accurate and precise answers and convey our discussed payment deadlines.

Rest assured, getting us involved rids our clients of having to contact or worry about their debtor, as we actively follow-up with them to ensure your timely debt recovery. Saving you time and resources wasted by chasing your debtors.


We have thorough and well-planned procedures suitable to each client and their debtor

When we work on your behalf, it is not only your identity that we represent but ours as well. We keep our standards above average by suitably approaching each case rather than going for cookie-cutter solutions for all cases. We analyze and proceed accordingly after trying to set up initial contact. The debtor must be contacted professionally and comprehensively to initiate the recovery process and reach a fruitful conclusion in the shortest time possible so that they can understand the severity of the matter.

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