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Ryan and Jacobs use the services of extended affiliations with licensed and registered attorneys that are handpicked to perform effectively in litigation situations, whenever we need their intervention in our debt collection process. In case the situation escalates, Ryan & Jacobs enlist the services of said attorneys to initiate a second legal demand letter and lawsuit against the debtor.

This decision is usually made after our assessment and investigation of your debtor.  Meaning, if your debtor is being difficult without a good reason for not paying or avoiding communication, we will suggest litigation. In most cases, our attorneys are contingent, but in some cases, upfront legal fees may vary. Either way, Ryan & Jacobs thoroughly deals with any and all litigation involvement in the debt recovery process of our clients.


Litigation and legal proceedings are stigmatized to be a painful, stress-inducing, and cash-guzzling affair

To keep your budget within necessary boundaries, we have an open office policy for our litigation services. We work closely with our clients and keep them informed at all stages. Through this real-time assistance of our clients, we make well-informed and robust strategy decisions, resulting in a better, cost-effective outcome.

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